Australian Manufacturing Company – Process Mapping and Team Building

Problem Definition

Two teams were working antagonistically towards each other, resulting in fragmented communication, conflict and a lack of awareness of how individual actions created negative downstream impacts for the team and the business results.


Irina conducted a training needs analysis then designed and facilitated a five module training intervention that helped the department identify and address issues in four key areas:

  1. Processes
  2. Team dysfunction
  3. Communication and attitude
  4. Skill development – including managing difficult behaviours, stress resilience and communication

Irina met with senior managers and HR Managers at their site, to ensure that the objectives were clearly defined and the modules matched the values and business objectives of the organisation. After facilitating the five module training intervention, Irina identified 47 issues and suggestions for management consideration and process maps for further analysis. Based on these findings, the client agreed to conduct an additional six sigma based review of processes which allowed Irina to address issues at a deeper level and start the process of change. The managers were delighted with the results and the return on their investment.


Results and Benefit to Client

The client reported back the following improvements:

Irina’s workshops helped initiate a culture change and started participants thinking about their decisions/actions and impact on others. As a result of the training, their mindsets shifted and morale has improved in the teams. People enjoy what they are doing and there is less sick leave. We are communicating better.

Processes are also more efficient and the division is now working on standardising inductions for employees, conducting regular customer surveys and simplifying the credit process. Other divisional leaders noted the success of this project and Irina was invited to deliver additional workshops for three other business units within the organisation.